Proven expertise in applied statistical analysis, data management and sample surveys

About MCG

Established by Dr Philip McCloud, MCG brings together a talented team of people who possess an outstanding commitment to providing quality outcomes and personal service. They boast many years of experience with global pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

MCG has expertise in working with global health authorities in designing development programs and in addressing health authority questions at the time of registration. They have served as project or study biostatisticians for projects that have resulted in successful global approval of drug products for new indications.

Our enthusiastic team members are working successfully with many clinical and study teams at the global and regional level. With a pragmatic approach and recognising the need to develop creative solutions to clinical trial design and sample size determinations, the MCG team is adept at balancing the scientific and budgetary requirements of clinical trials and scientific experiments.

As a world class Biometrics Australian Clinical Research Organisation servicing Australia, Asia Pacific and beyond, MCG is delivering its international industry experience to clinical trials.

Discover how MCG can help optimise your statistical consulting and data management projects.

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His (Dr McCloud's) expertise, combined with his knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, makes him an invaluable member of your team when dealing with representatives from all levels of the industry, be they scientists, clinicians or regulatory authorities.

- Guenther Forster, MD